Tohru and Laundry is the third chapter of Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon.


Tohru's method of doing laundry is unusual, so Kobayashi attempts to correct her mistakes.


Tohru is doing Kobayashi's laundry when she suddenly licks Kobayashi's shirt, this causes Kobayashi to look disgusted. Kobayashi sits Tohru down to discuss her about the way that she does the laundry. Tohru suggests licking Kobayashi directly, but Kobayashi declines. Kobayashi ask Tohru to review the steps she takes when doing laundry. First Tohru will check inside the pockets, then she would wash colors separately and changing the detergent. Tohru's final step is to was the delicate fabrics inside her mouth. Tohru states that her saliva has enzymes that help clean cloths, but Kobayashi opposes stating it's gross, and that Tohru needs to remember that appearances are important. Tohru then asks if licking the laundry, however Kobayashi states that it is even worse. Kobayashi notices that Tohru is always wearing the same maid outfit. Tohru states that her clothes are her scales. Kobayashi then shows Tohru a new shirt that she had bought for her since Tohru has been helping Kobayashi out a lot. Tohru then asks Kobayashi if she would want to drink her blood. Tohru tries on the new shirt, however Tohru states that the shirt is tight around her chest. Kobayashi then asks what size is Tohru, Tohru states that she is a D for dragon. Kobayashi then leaves for work and asks Tohru to look up the term "hygiene" and figure out what it means. Tohru is confused and decides to call Fafnir. Fafnir replies kill them, however Tohru cuts him off short. Tohru then calls Quetzalcoatl and ask about cleaning. Quetzalcoatl reminds Tohru about Nidhogg always chewing at the World Tree's roots. Quetzalcoatl then asks Tohru if it is fun living with humans, Tohru responds that it is. Tohru is then shown on the balcony looking at the dark sky noticing that the laundry will not dry. Tohru then transforms into her dragon form and clears the clouds. Tohru then notices and immediately realizes that it has been Tohru's doing.


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