Japanese イルル
Rōmaji Iruru
Age 16
Gender Female
Hair Color Salmon
Eye Color Pink
Faction Chaos Faction
Relatives Unnamed Parents (deceased)
First Appearance
Manga Debut Chapter 30
Anime Debut N/A

 Ilulu (イルル Iruru) is a female dragon who belongs to the Dragons' Chaos Faction. Originally, she came to Kobayashi's world to destroy Tohru and then tries to drive Kobayashi away from Tohru. After a change of heart, she begins to live with Kobayashi as her third dragon resident.[1]


Ilulu appears in her human form as a woman of small stature wearing a black cloak with fur. She has a generous bust and even in her human form she has dragon-like arms.


When she first appeared, Ilulu was a psychotic, war-mongering force with a firm hatred for humanity. She initially was disgusted by the idea that Tohru could coexist with a lowly human, which led her to believe that Kobayashi must've been smitten by her. Her opinion on humanity was so strong, that she was shocked that Kobayashi would risk her life to save her so much so, that she was convinced that she was a trickster.

Once she redeems herself, Ilulu had some difficulties adjusting to human society, despite being roughly the same age as Tohru. As such, Kobayashi often tasks Tohru with babysitting Ilulu. She also was determined to find her purpose in life, even though her initial conclusion was too lewd to put into serious consideration. Despite being thousands of years old, she behaves like a child similarly to Kanna, even though there are a few obvious differences.


When she was young, she used to play with humans and was even on good terms with them. But after her parents were killed by humans during an attack, her fellow dragons convinced her that humans were no good. She became sad and stopped playing with them, but she still thinks that humans have done nothing wrong.


Sometime later, Ilulu makes Tohru a target once she realizes that she was coexisting with Kobayashi. Ilulu arrives to the city with malicious intent, and engages in a battle with Tohru. Whilst battling Ilulu, Tohru restrains herself from going all out, lest she would unintentionally destroy the city as well. Ilulu is defeated, and she escapes.

Ilulu reappears again, having apparently spied on Kobayashi and the others for quite sometime. When Kobayashi informs Kanna that she would be unable to attend the Parents' Day event at her school, Kanna leaves angrily. Ilulu confronts her, and attempts to manipulate her into destroying Kobayashi's work place, claiming that it was her fault that she wasn't able to make time for Kanna. However, Kanna refuses, and leaves Ilulu to ponder why she wouldn't comply.

Once again, Ilulu makes a reappearance, this time to Kobayashi herself. In an effort to understand why Kobayashi would live together with dragons, Ilulu concludes that it must be lust. She attempts to seduce Kobayashi with her large breasts to no avail. Angry at being rejected, Ilulu uses the remnants of her powers to transform Kobayashi into a male in order to prove that she was right. As a result, Kobayashi begins to feel urges towards Tohru and the other well-endowed dragons.

Lastly, when Ilulu was by herself, she is attacked by a Harmony dragon named Clemene, and is beaten to near death. Before the final blow could be struck, Kobayashi intervenes, placing herself in danger. Clemene attempts to murder the two; at the nick of time, Tohru arrives and soundly defeats Clemene. Ilulu is taken to Kobayashi's house to be treated for her injuries. Even though she still believed that Kobayashi was trying to trick her in some way, Ilulu slowly began to turn over a new leaf, and eventually learned to love humans again. She later permanently began living in the Kobayashi residence, though to Tohru's chagrin. When Tohru explains to her that she needs to contribute in order to stay with them, Ilulu decides that she would marry Kobayashi, and breed offspring with her. Naturally, Tohru takes offense by that.



She tried driving her away from Tohru. After living with Kobayashi, Illulu now wants to breed with her.


She tried to destroy Tohru but failed, due to her overwhelming power compared to hers.

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