Georgie Saikawa
Japanese 才川 ジョージー
Rōmaji Saikawa Jōjī
Gender Female
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Green
First Appearance
Manga Debut Chapter 29 (volume 3)
Anime Debut Episode 6
Seiyū Yūko Gotō (Japanese)

Felecia Angelle (English)

  Georgie Saikawa (才川ジョージー Saikawa Jōjī) is the older sister of Saikawa Riko and an alias to her real name, Nae Saikawa. She often likes to pretend to be a housemaid.

Appearance Edit

Georgie wears a orange polka-dot maid outfit with a white apron. She also has a white cap and has her red hair in twin-pigtails. Her stockings are black striped.

Personality Edit

Georgie is a sweet and gentle lady. She always supports Riko and her family. She seems to know a lot about maids and has a huge passion for them. She mentions that she's wanted to be one since she was a kid when she read a book about maids.

Relationships Edit

  • Riko - Riko and Georgie seem very close considering that they're sisters.
  • Kobayashi - Georgie and Kobayashi automatically have a close bond as soon as they meet as they both share a interest in maids.

Gallery Edit

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