Tohru's Father
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Gender Male
Hair Color White
Eye Color Red
Faction Chaos Faction
First Appearance
Manga Debut Chapter 16 (Voice)
Chapter 19 (Actual Appearance)
Anime Debut Episode 7 (Voice)
Episode 13 (Actual Appearance)
Seiyū Takayuki Sugō (Japanese)
John McCalmont (English)

  He is father of Tohru and Emperor of Demise.


In his human form, Tohru's father takes a form of a short old man covered with a dark red cloak (black in some occasions), he has long grey hair and a long grey beard, he also has grim-looking eyes.

In his true/dragon form, which is only revealed in the anime, he is a large dragon, similar to Tohru but with different features, he is a bit bigger than Tohru herself, and bulkier as well, his scales are red with a cream-colored underbelly, he has six horns, two long cream-colored whiskers, red eyes, a long white mane, and sharp wings, his most notable feature being that his overall design is a mix between that of a Japanese dragon, and of a Medieval-European dragon.


Tohru's father is callous and stern, hating humans and viewing them as inferior and evil - a belief he tried to impart on Tohru. However, unlike other Chaos Dragons, he is respectful of the non-interference laws preventing dragons from killing humans of Earth, although when angered, he attacks Kobayashi and threatens to leave her at the brink of death. Despite this, he cares for his daughter and is concerned for her safety and her happiness, warning her that the peaceful human life she claims to want is impossible, and that her presence risks bringing the Chaos Dragon vs. Harmony Dragon war that is ravaging the Other World to Earth.



Tohru Edit

Though he is very caring of his daughter, he was immediately appalled and angered upon seeing her daughter defect to the other world and affiliating herself with a human. At one point, he took Tohru back into her world, only for her to come back to the other world and confront her and Kobayashi at her defiance. Eventually, this confrontation even escalated into a full-on battle, showing that he is willing to use force if he feels that it is for her own good. After Kobayashi confronts him, he calls his offspring foolish, but it would appear that this was not so much meant as an insult, or a statement expressing a genuine lack of faith in her intelligence, but a statement comparable to when one calls their children their "silly little _," and more affectionate that chastising. Past the ruthlessness, cold-bloodedness, prejudice, and at times downright meanness, he seems to genuinly want his daughter to be happy and safe.

Kobayashi Edit

At first, it seems as if he may in fact almost completely disregard Kobayashi's existance, seeing her not as a person but a fanciful notion his daughter has, in his opinion, foolishly chosen to persue, although in Tohru's flashbacks he is known to have expressed the belief that all humans are evil and should be killedwhen possible. However, when she stands up for Tohru, he is quick to show his lack of good-will, willing to let her live as is law, but attacking the moment she tries to speak and threatening her with near-death should he so much as choose her words wrong. This is likely a result of both his general disposition against humans and that he see's her as a threat to his daughter's well-being. He appears honestly incapable of believing that a human could care about a dragon, though he agrees with her when she comments on how "awesome" Tohru is. However once Kobayashi demands he back off and that his daughter was hers, he expressed that she has overstepped a human's place. Later, when Kobayashi arrives to interrupts the battle, he intially expresses that human has no place in dragons' affairs, that they could never understand them, and that coexistance is impossible. However, her passion and talk of respect surprise him, and it would seem that he is finally moved when she tells him to "try having some faith in [his] daughter!" In the end, he takes his leave, and it would seem that, though he does not approve of the human, as he feels that her short lifespan will only break Tohru's heart (and therefore that she's not worth his daughter's time), he would appear to have secretly begun to respect her, if only a bit.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

He is, arguably, the strongest dragon in the series so far, nearly rivalring Tohru in terms of strength and magic power, not even flinching after taking hits from her. He eradicates a vase nearby Kobayashi in the manga (in the anime, her glasses are snapped in half instead). He would appear to breathe some sort of purple fire.


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